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Why Remote + Async?

The productivity boost is nice, too.

But isn't Remote good?

It's great, but not enough, especially if you're spending a lot of time in meetings and instant messaging.

It's also worth noting it doesn't work for everyone.

We're social creatures and some people need more physical social interactions than others.
That doesn't mean it has to be with your coworkers, and please stop calling that work.

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I've helped many companies and people work more effectively and productively by adopting Remote and Async work methodologies. I can teach you too.

Why not a series of articles? That would be async.

Honestly, there are many throughout the internet already, which are basically content marketing, but still touch on the important points.

For those who don't immediately believe remote and async are better, I've found they need to be presented with a bespoke way, within their work context, on how to replace some synchronous activity with an asynchronous one, in order to start believing in it.

As an example, many companies are used to do weekly sprint/cycle planning once per week, on a meeting/video call.
That can easily be replaced with a single document, following a given template, where everyone can contribute, or simply confirm/accept it, depending on the context.

Giving you this information, however, without understanding more about your work, your team, and your company/product, makes it hard to have you feel the benefits. That's why I do this, this way.

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But... how will I learn?

The process is simple and, you guessed it, async!